Why I Became An Escort – Lisa’s Story

I was a studying to become a dentist at that time and was short on money. I was really desperate to have money, so I started looking online for some opportunities I can get myself involved in.

Then I came across with an ad and messaged the guy. He offered me a seemingly lucrative proposition and I agreed.

I actually did not exactly know how it worked, so I told a close friend I was going out and to call me in an hour’s time. I met with the client in a park at night, got into his really nice car and had some flirty chats and made an appointment.

According to him, he was 56 years old, but I bet he was about ten years older than that. After a week, I drove over to the address he gave me. It was a pretty decent abode. He had a shower, had little chat and everything proceeded from there.

I don’t always do escorting, only when I find a nice, gentleman client and when I needed some help with my finances at school. Being a Fulham escorts is fun, thrilling and exciting. However, of course, it depends on girls whether it is something they want to do or not.